Registered Importation

DVS is the dominant importer of used Canadian vehicles into the United States with 5 modern regulation approved locations. The combination of our in-house title processing, remote filing capability for U.S. Customs and our transportation management system makes DVS the “One Stop Shop” for the importation process, and the only economically viable option for large car manufacturers that wish to import pre-owned cars from Canada to the U.S.

Over the past 22-years, DVS has imported over 650,000 used vehicles from Canada. Our secure, cloud based, and modern technology platform makes DVS the preferred vendor for America’s OEMs which we now offer to rental car companies, independent dealers, financial companies, and institutional sellers. The efficiency of our operation allows DVS to have the vehicles processed and titled for sale in the U.S. by managing the process from beginning to end.

DVS has all appropriate licensing, bonding and clearance to provide the most time-effective and cost-efficient service in the industry:

  • National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
  • U S Customs and Border Protection Homeland Security
  • FAST approved Transportation Carrier Referrals
  • Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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