Auction Sponsored

DVS is the award-winning registered importer to America’s major OEM’s, offering the same level service to North American exporters and dealers through Auction Sponsored Programs. By leveraging first in class interactive technology, DVS has imported more than 650,000 vehicles from Canada to the United States.

Our interactive inventory management system is called ASC. It is available on both mobile and desktop making it possible to see your vehicle’s export journey in real time. Your job is to purchase the vehicle and we do the rest! From the time your vehicle enters the ASC app our odometer conversion providers, truckers, Customs Brokers, and storage location staff update each and every move. Our average timeline from the beginning to the end of the process is 25% faster than the industry average resulting in improved sales velocity and more capital under YOUR control.


DVS leads the industry in approved conversion and storage locations for NHTSA. DVS has modern regulation approved locations in Indianapolis, Detroit, Niagara (Buffalo), Milwaukee, and Toledo. DVS is currently adding 3 more locations in Miami, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.


Purchase your unit(s) at Auction Sponsored location or on an Auction Sponsored platform product, (i.e. TradeRev), then:

  2. Email or upload an excel format document, including the required information for the vehicles to be exported, to or on the ASC website
    • Customer Name, Year, Make, Model, VIN, Kilometers, Color, Value, and pick-up location
    • Scanned copy of the Canadian Ownership
  3. DVS logistics management will be notified electronically through the app then coordinate or verify vehicle movement to the designated DVS marshaling area at ADESA Kitchener
  4. DVS will homologate the vehicle within 72-hours and arrange to move it to the designated U.S. holding site and submit the NHTSA package simultaneously.
  5. DVS will forward your title work (if required) and notify your company when the vehicle is available to pick-up or transport to your desired destination.
    • DVS must receive the Canadian Ownership at their Indianapolis location, where the Indiana title will be produced within 21-days of receiving the Canadian Ownership

ACES clients may consign and sell their inventory as soon as the U.S. title is delivered to them. Average timeline from marshaling in Canada to the customer’s ability to sell in the U.S. is 25 days with conforming vehicles requiring a minimum of 30 days.

Services & Fees

ServicesDetail Amount
Registered Importation Services & Bonds Per-vehicle Homologation paid to ADESA $220
Odometer Conversion Varies by vehicle. This is the typical cost. Paid to DVS $215
Push-button Odometers Change Country code, no conversion necessary $0
Indiana Title Per-vehicle, paid to DVS $48
Recall Procurement Only when required: Includes transportation to & from the authorized service center. Paid to DVS $65

Separate Charges & Assumptions

The Auction Sponsor will collect for the Registered Importing Service. All additional costs will be invoiced on an ala carte basis as needed or requested.

DVS will invoice ACES clients directly for odometers and conversion (est. $215), transportation, recall procurement when required ($65), and Duties when applicable.